Daylight Analysis Reigate London

Daylight Analysis Reigate London

Daylight Analysis Reigate London Here at Blackacre, we are a multi-disciplinary firm of Chartered Building Surveyors, providing a wide range of professional services. Daylight Analysis Reigate London.

To ensure a healthy and habitable construction project, there are key factors to consider. One of such key factors is how accessible your building is to daylight. Houses with severe daylight obstructions have been recognized to pose serious health challenges to their inhabitants. As a result a Daylight Analysis Reigate London has become Paramount in construction projects to be able to avert the inherent danger and ensure healthy living. This article guides you through the key things you need to know about everything, as well as why you need it in the first place.

Importance of this for your construction project

  • This helps you measure the potential of natural light entering your room
  • This helps remedy reliance on artificial lighting and increases its energy and environmental performance.
  • This helps reduce infringement on nearby structures and buildings
  • Naturally lit interiors are aesthetically pleasant and healthful.
  • Natural light improves your mood and makes you happier and livelier
  • Exposure to natural light increases Vitamin D intake in the body and helps build the immune system, body weight maintenance and brain activeness.

When do you need this for your construction project

Having Daylight Analysis Reigate London is not enough. It doesn’t matter that one ultimately carries out analysis, what matters even more is when that analysis is done. Some companies run analysis on buildings after the structure or design has been cast on stones. While this appears to present a more practical assessment of the angles and dimensions of sunlight in and around a building, it can actually be counterproductive. This is because, once a design is cast on stones and raised to a certain height, the possibility of changing the position of the building when it is discovered that it doesn’t possess the required sunlight accessibility, becomes very low, if not impossible. Thus, late stage daylight assessment isn’t advisable, as the best time to approach this remains in fact before the building is set on stone. 

Major assessment metrics for Daylight Analysis Reigate London

You can assess the degree of the sky obstructions of your building project in two ways:

Vertical Sky Component 

Vertical sky component measures the ratio of illumination that is received directly from an overcast sky at a particular vertical plane made possible by an unobstructed atmosphere. In essence VSC measures the percentage of light that reaches the house openings in relation to the total amount available to it by virtue of being unobstructed

Obstruction Angle

Obstruction Angle rather takes a geometric measure to make approximations of daylight access. In doing this, it considers the angles and heights of surrounding objects from the base to the level of the obstructing object. Its shortcoming is that it is a 2D means of measurement and is less accurate than VSC because side obstructions may not be picked.


This is very important in construction projects. First, it reduces the risk of your structure infringing on other structures accessibility to natural light, and of course, helps ensure that your own building is well exposed to natural light for the benefit of all we have listed in the course of discussing Daylight Analysis Reigate London. It is very important to be carried out and very early in the course of the design of your structure.